At iComfort Technologies, we have created an innovative product that aids in the early detection of breast cancer: the iComfort bra. This is a product that women can wear to assist and improve on at home breast self-examinations. Our device will utilize ultrasound technology in order to detect any irregularities. We are not claiming that our product detects breast cancer. When a positive result is shown on our device, we advise all patients to get further diagnostic appointments with medical professionals since it could be cancerous, benign, or dense breast tissue.

Ultrasound Technology

For the iComfort bra, we aim to utilize ultrasound technology in order to find and detect potential masses in breast tissue. Ultrasound imaging can capture images in real-time, allowing us to help detect present masses in the breasts. Users will not need to be concerned about ionizing radiation exposure.

iComfort Bra

This revolutionary design can be worn by the user in the comfort of their own home. The device will take on the appearance of a typical sports bra, and seeks to provide maximum comfort and convenience for the user. Inside the bra are a series of piezoelectric transducers and a user-friendly interface that will help detect masses.